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An incredible high hold, water-based pomade that gives ultimate control and superb hold for the most demanding and challenging styles. Distributes easily--Even in thick, coarse curly hair. Grips hair to shape into even the highest elevation styles. Manages and helps straighten curl. Dries with a flexible hold to keep hair in place all day. Never flakes.


FINISH: Medium shine

HOLD:  Strong hold for hard to control hair

HAIR STYLE:  High eleveation styles. Messy wet looks for unruly hair

HAIR TYPE:  Medium to curly, coarse or thick. All lengths from short to long

SCENT: Signature mild cream soda

SIZE: 4.25 oz./120g


Conditioners Naturally-Derived from Coconut Oil + Castor Oil // Smooth the hair by going deep within the surface of the hair shaft to lock in moisture, providing luster and shine while taming frizz.


APPLICATION: Works great on cowlicks. Depending on hair type, use Original in most places and add Superhold for areas that "stick up or fight back."

Tame and shape you mustache with its hold that lasts for hours.

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